Dana-Thomas House
Springfield, IL - 1902-1904

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The Dana-Thomas House or Susan Lawrence Dana House or Dana House is an expression of architect Frank Lloyd Wright's Prairie Style. Located along East Lawrence Avenue in Springfield, Illinois, USA, for patron Susan Lawrence Dana.

The house has windows placed so as to continually draw the resident or guest into an awareness of the outside. Wright designed approximately 450 art glass windows, skylights, door panels, sconces, and light fixtures for the house, most of which survive. Some pictures of these are shown below. Much of the art glass centered on a sumac motif.

You can find more information and photographs of many more examples of Frank Lloyd Wright's glass art on the main page, along with recommendations for excellent books on the subject.

  • Living Room Window. Photographer unknown.
    Living Room Window
  • Copyright Byron Preiss Multimedia Company, Inc., 1994, used without permission. Photographer unknown.
    Living Room Window
  • Dining Room Window. Photographer unknown.
    Dining Room Window
  • Photographer unknown.
  • Photographer unknown.
  • Door Detail. Photographer unknown.
    Door Detail
  • Photographer unknown.
    Master Bedroom Window
  • Window. Copyright© 2009 Oakbrook-Esser Studios, used without permission.
    Window, reproduction
    by Oakbrook Esser Studios
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