The Westcott House is the first Frank Lloyd Wright house built in Ohio, and is the state's only Prairie Style house. It is not as well known as most of his other Prairie Style houses. In fact, until recently it was practically a secret. Most likely because it was extensively altered over the years. However, after five years of work at a cost of over $5 million, it has been fully restored to its original architectural state.
My wife and I toured the Westcott House on August 8, 2006.

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Exterior: West

The west face of the house is much like the east, but without the doorways. Although hardly an entrance, there is a small door on this side of the house that provides direct access to the large kitchen ice-box. This enabled the ice man to make his deliveries without tracking mud, snow, or melting ice through the house. It is unusual but was certainly very practical at the time it was built.
In the photo below, you can see the sleeping porch on the west side of the house that was accessible from the wife's bedroom, matching the one on the east side. There is a wall that runs along the west side of the property from the front of the house to the alley on the northern border, separating the Westcott back yard from the driveway and yard of the house next door. The original driveway was on this side, curving around to the garage in the rear.
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Other Exterior Views

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Books and Other Items

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